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Bob Yates is a man on a mission! He is rapidly becoming one of America's top trainers in the field of personal and professional development. He has conducted hundreds of live seminars and reaches thousands of  entrepreneurs and achievers each year.  He routinely works  with some of the top trainers in the world including Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Michael Gerber, Jack Canfield and others.

Bob is the Founder & CEO of Circle of Champions Seminars, a training corporation  that is dedicated to equipping  business leaders, corporate professionals, speakers and trainers for personal, professional, and business success.


Name: Robert M. Yates
Born Again: 1982

HOBBIES AND INTERESTS: Ministry, Pioneering, building businesses, life coaching & mentoring, traveling the world, networking with champions and achievers, reading, helping people to fulfill their divine destiny and making everyone around me better.

NUMBER ONE PRIORITY: My relationship with God, my wife Sherry my daughter “Shayla” and my son, John Robert.

LIFE’S MAIN FOCUS: My relationship with God! To be a shining witness of His grace and glory. To inspire others to live their God-Inspired dreams. To model excellence, integrity, honesty and ethics. To help others fulfill their divine purpose and destiny.

FAVORITE PLACE: The Virgin Islands! The climate, the blue waters, the beaches. I believe God lives in the Islands.



My Gorgeous Wife of 24 Years: Sherry L. Yates

Co-Founder of Circle of Champions Seminars

Seafood, love it!  Also Chocolate.

FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITIES: Swimming, bowling, dining out, good movies.

BEST MEMORIES: Our honeymoon in Hawaii, “Island hoppin”

MY PASSION: Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking, Learning-Discovering, travel

WHO MELTS MY HEART: My two children, Shayla and John Robert

Bob Yates – The Visionary

International Speaker and Award Winning Entrepreneur

Bob Yates is a dynamic speaker, author, radio personality and seminar producer with more than 30 years of life-transforming business and ministry success. His captivating seminars such as Dare to Live Your Dreams, Speak Like a Champion, How to Start and Succeed in Your Own Business and a host of other training events are challenging thousands of individuals and business leaders to elevate their lives and businesses to new dimensions.

Starting as a vendor on the streets of Washington DC, Bob learned the basics of business. The turning point came when he discovered the biblical principles and laws of success and put them into practice. Since then he has successfully formed and sustained several profitable companies. What makes Bob’s message unique is that he has never worked a day of his life in corporate America. Having an insatiable hunger to unlock his God-given gifts, talents and potential, Bob chose the road of personal development through books, tapes, seminars and specialized training. Through patience and persistence, he is now the CEO of one of the most impacting faith based personal development companies in the U.S.

Bob was recently nominated as the winner of the prestigious AAEW Legacy Visionary Award for African American entrepreneurs who are making an impact in the black community. While his work has received rave reviews locally, effective leaders around the country speak of Bob Yates and the Circle of Champions as having ignited their own leadership and modeled for them vital principles of success and personal achievement.

Bob travels nationally and internationally each year helping thousands of individuals and business leaders to accelerate their personal and business success.

As a dedicated Christian, Bob has worked extensively in community outreach projects that include street crusades, prison ministry, helping substance abuse victims and feed the hungry programs.

Bob is happily married to his lovely wife Sherry who is his companion and helper in ministry and business. They have two beautiful children Shayla and John and they reside in Bowie, MD.


Bob Yates & John Mclelland

CEO of I Learning Global TV

What others are saying about COC!

"If someone were to ask me, who is Bob Yates and what is so inspiring about Circle of Champions, I would simply say to them….Until I joined Circle of Champions, I had the typical impression of the organization: another one of those…It wasn’t until I became more involve to see how remarkably effective it was to be a part of a family of champions. Bob Yates, a Visionary Chief Executive with entrepreneurial force engaging not only thousands of individuals but also destined to build a strong burgeoning network. Captivating seminars such as Dare to Dream, Born to Speak, The Art of Entrepreneurship and a host of Round Table events have been thoroughly hands on. Dynamic members like The “Diamond Family”, COC Speakers/Authors and Entrepreneurs, Mac Burton, and Katrina Ferguson; motivational speaker and coach," James Cooper and his lovely wife; and network coach Emmy Vickers just to name a few; They all carry the “Champion’s DNA” that is so powerful and inspiring.

Ever since I have been a part of COC my life continues to excel on the path to significance, purpose and success. I thank God for His leading. The ongoing power packed training, seminars, mentoring/personal development programs, and coaching team adds a tremendous amount of personal value. It feels great to be joined to a family of champions that look forward to changing lives daily. It is our mission. It is our calling. A winner, A champion for life"

Alisha Stewart - Entrepreneur, Diamond Level Member for Life




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