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Being stuck in a dead-end job can and will make you miserable! Not only will it make you miserable but it will keep you from ever discovering your true financial potential. There has never been a better time than now to say YES to your entrepreneurial dreams!


Bob Yates - Circle of Champions Seminars

Leaving the Nine to Five Rate Race and Pursing Your Dreams!




Here's what this powerful new seminar will do for you:

worldbulletGive you the knowledge, skills and an exit strategy to successfully make your transition from employee to entrepreneur in 12 months or less.


worldbulletShow you how to channel your entrepreneurial energy into the perfect business vehicle that will give you personal fulfillment as well as financial freedom.

worldbulletTeach you the skill of money-making without a job so that you never have to work for someone else again for the rest of your life.



Something Extraordinary is About to Happen for the first time ever!

Two successful entrepreneurs will bring over 50 years of wisdom, knowledge and experience on one powerful new workshop in the Maryland area. Don't miss......


Be Your Own Boss!







Don't waste another day dreaming about being free from the nine to five rat race. Take Action! Register now and take back control of your life, freedom and future.



Taught by Award winning entrepreneur,

speaker and master trainer.

Bob Yates knows first hand what it means to be an entrepreneur. With more than 30 years in the business arena, he has built several successful companies including the prestigious Circle of Champions Personal Development Corporation.

With nothing but a compelling dream, faith in God and a burning desire to help others, Bob has helped countless individuals to retire from corporate America and find freedom and success in their own business.

In this dynamic evening seminar, Bob and his team will reveal the secrets to exiting your job, building a successful business that you love and achieving financial freedom.


Also with Master Trainer and Seminar Leader Fred Foster

Fred Foster is a successful entrepreneur, fitness professional, seminar leader, national keynote speaker, corporate trainer with nearly three decades of business success.

As owner of one of the leading full service fitness consulting companies in the Mid-Atlantic region, Fred has trained and consulted with thousands of fitness clients, created and managed hundreds of corporate wellness programs and supported numerous charitable organizations while generating millions of dollars in revenue in all types of economic climates.

 Fred walks his talk everyday having fired Corporate America long ago to pursue his entrepreneurial dream and never turning back. 

In this seminar, Fred will guide you step by the step through the process of moving from the office cubicle to BECOMING YOUR OWN BOSS!

Bob Yates - Circle of Champions Entrepreneurs Conference

"Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Spirit!"



Are You Ready to Say YES to Your Entrepreneurial Dreams?

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