The answer for weary employees who

are sick and tired of their nine to five jobs!


Being stuck in a dead-end job can and will make you miserable! Not only will it make you miserable but it will keep you from ever discovering your true financial potential. There has never been a better time than now to say YES to your entrepreneurial dreams!


How would you like to:


Be your own boss and have control over your own future

Get paid to do what you love and are passionate about
Take the lid off of your income and true earning potential
Have and enjoy time freedom & financial freedom


From Employee to Entrepreneur will put YOU back in control of your life, time and freedom! This powerful evening seminar will start you on your journey to entrepreneurial success.


Here's what From Employee to Entrepreneur will do for you:

worldbulletGive you the knowledge, skills and an exit strategy to successfully make your transition from employee to entrepreneur in 12 months or less


worldbulletShow you how to channel your entrepreneurial energy into the perfect business vehicle that will give you personal fulfillment and satisfaction

worldbulletTeach you the skill of money-making without a job so that you never have to work for someone else again for the rest of your life



Please consider these important questions:

worldbullet Are you working on your purpose or just working for a paycheck?

worldbullet What would you do if you lost your job? Do you have back up systems in place?

worldbullet Would you leave your job if you knew that you could survive financially without it?

worldbullet Are you ready to reclaim your freedom and take charge of your own financial future?


Now is the time to Start Your Own Business and Be Your Own Boss!


Taught by Award winning entrepreneur,

speaker and master trainer.

Bob Yates knows first hand what it means to be an entrepreneur. With more than 20 years in the business arena, he has built several successful companies including the prestigious Circle of Champions Personal Development Corporation.

With nothing but a compelling dream, faith in God and a burning desire to help others, Bob has helped countless individuals to retire from corporate America and find freedom and success in their own business.

In this dynamic evening seminar, Bob and his team will reveal the secrets to exiting your job, building a successful business that you love and achieving financial freedom.


Moving from Employee to Entrepreneur - By Bob Yates


Seven Great Reasons to Start Your Own Business
  1. Freedom!!! - Control of your own destiny.
  2. Unlimited income potential & long term financial rewards
  3. Tax advantages
  4. Protection - No one can fire or downsize you
  5. Make lots of money doing what you love and are passionate about
  6. To provide job and growth opportunities for others
  7. To make a difference and leave a legacy


Bob Yates - Founder of Circle of Champions Seminars®


What You Will Learn:

What to know before you go - How to plan your exit strategy

1 Selecting the perfect business - Your passion + profitability = wealth

The new rules of business - How to play and win in the new economy

1 The biggest obstacle that you will face in business and how to beat it

Two things that hardly anyone ever teaches about money making

1 Creating wealth WITHOUT a job - Replacing your traditional income
1 How to achieve success and financial freedom in the business that you love


Are You Ready to Create Wealth Without a Job?

Reserve Your Seat Today and Claim Your Freedom!


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Take back control of your life, time and freedom.


This dynamic seminar will show you how!


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Largo, Maryland

Thursday, October 7, 2010

6:45 PM

Eggspectations Restaurant
Downtown, Silver Spring.

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About the Trainer


Bob Yates is a Christian business leader and master trainer with over 25 years of experience and success in the arena of business and entrepreneurship.


He has helped thousands of individuals to start and build their own business. Bob is the founder of the prestigious Circle of Champions, the East Coast leaders in personal and professional development.


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Important Facts

•74% of millionaires are business owners

•It only takes one God-inspired idea to start a fortune

•You will never be paid what you are really worth working for someone else


Who Should Attend
This Seminar?

Employees, Corporate Professionals, New Startups, Current Business Owners,  and all who are ready to take control of their destiny and create a dynamic future!



Your Dreams

"If you do not have the courage to follow your own dreams, you must spend the rest of your life following the dreams of others. "

Bob Yates
Pursue your dreams!


What others are saying:

Thank you for allowing us an opportunity to meet you and learn more about Circle of Champions at your Employee to Entrepreneur seminar in Greenbelt, MD. The content of your presentation was inspiring and exactly what I needed to continue on this exciting journey of entrepreneurship.

Monica F. Thompson, PMP






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