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What is the Circle of Champions Entrepreneurs Network?

Circle of Champions Entrepreneurs Network ® is a thriving network of business professionals, leaders and achievers who are committed to excellence in business, finance and living life on purpose. The challenge facing many individuals moving into business or seeking to realize their entrepreneurial dreams lies not in a lack of vision but in a lack of knowledge, resources and support.

COC creates an atmosphere where the impossible becomes possible, where mentoring becomes easy, entrepreneurial dreams are birthed and strategic alliance are formed. Circle of Champions is known for its spiritually based cutting-edge seminars and workshops. Our network provides the on-going training as well as opportunities for business owners and clients to connect and do business.




Benefits of Membership

• A Strong Support Base for your Vision

• Private Business Receptions and Events

• Free Admission to COC Events

• Financial Training and Wealth Building

• Personal Development Training and Coaching

• Marketing Consulting For Your Business

• Networking and Forming of Strategic Alliances

• Speaking Opportunities

• Exposure to New Clients for Your Business

• Passive Income Opportunities

• The CEO Exclusive Referral Network

• Business and Wealth Coaching

• Free Vending Opportunities and promotion

• Private Circle Club
Note: Some benefits apply to specific levels of membership.


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The COC Pillars of Success

Personal development is the foundation of personal and business success. Building a world class company calls for a world class commitment to having singleness of purpose, a solid business strategy and commitment to excellence.

Proverbs 24:3 (LB)
“Any enterprise is built by wise planning, becomes strong through common sense, and profits wonderfully by staying in touch with the facts.”



Our Seminars and Courses
• Dare to Live Your Dreams • The Great Minds Round Table
• Born to Speak! • Extreme Marketing Seminar
• Money Mastery • Women in Business
• From Employee to Entrepreneur • Sell Your Way to Greatness
• Creating Multiple Streams of Income • Information Marketing Workshop
• Speak Your Way to Mega Success • Blueprint for Success
• The Entrepreneurs Roundtable Event • Extreme Business Boot Camp
See Event Calendar for Dates, Times and Locations.


Our Membership Networks
Our Advanced Training Programs

• The Quantum Program
6 Month Success Coaching Program (New)

• The Business Accelerator
One Year Training Program
• Employee to CEO
2-Day Business Boot Camp
• Masters of Marketing Boot Camp
2-Day Event (New)
• Speak Your Way to Mega Success
3-Day Advanced Training Camp
• Women in Business Getaway Event
3-Day Event

• Champions All Star Weekend 2011
3-Day Event (New)

See calendar of events for dates, times and locations


What others are saying about COC!

"If someone were to ask me, who is Bob Yates and what is so inspiring about Circle of Champions, I would simply say to them….Until I joined Circle of Champions, I had the typical impression of the organization: another one of those…It wasn’t until I became more involve to see how remarkably effective it was to be a part of a family of champions. Bob Yates, a Visionary Chief Executive with entrepreneurial force engaging not only thousands of individuals but also destined to build a strong burgeoning network. Captivating seminars such as Dare to Dream, Born to Speak, The Art of Entrepreneurship and a host of Round Table events have been thoroughly hands on. Dynamic members like The “Diamond Family”, speaker like Mac Burton and leaders like peak-performance coach, Katrina Ferguson and coach," James Cooper and his lovely wife all carry the “Champion’s DNA” that is so powerful and inspiring.

Ever since I have been a part of COC my life continues to excel on the path to significance, purpose and success. I thank God for His leading. The ongoing power packed training, seminars, mentoring/personal development programs, and coaching team adds a tremendous amount of personal value. It feels great to be joined to a family of champions that is changing lives daily. It is our mission. It is our calling. A winner, A champion for life"

Alisha Stewart - Entrepreneur, Diamond Level Member for Life


"Circle of Champions is THE place for powerful & transformational success breakthroughs! Bob Yates is a unique leader and voice for these times and this generation. A leader by example and visionary by call, Bob Yates is a dreamer and master dream-maker. He is the visionary behind Circle of Champions and is training & raising up an army of champions that will change the world! You can live your dreams right now! You are enough! You can do it and Circle of Champions will show you how."

T. L. Pierce The Mindset Motivator Leader, Speaker, Writer, Entrepreneur "Think Well, Finish Strong!" From the Heart of a Champion

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Champions in Business


Bob Yates

Founder - COC Seminars



Sherry Yates
Co-Founder COC Seminars


Teresa Turner - Radio Personality

Diamond Member

Mack Burton

Burton's Training Accents

Diamond Member


Terrence Johnson

Blue Point Financial Alliances Platinum Member

Annetta Wilson Communication and Media Coach Orlando, Florida

Jerome Tucker

Financial Literacy Coach
Platinum Member

Katrina Ferguson

Network Marketing Coach

Diamond Member



What others are saying about COC

"I have spoken several times for Bob Yates and his prestigious Circle of Champions Seminars which seem to get better every time I attend! When my good friend Willie Jolley and I spoke at one of their seminars together, we were amazed at the quality of people Bob attracts. I have spoken in all 50 States and 19 Countries; COC is by far the best group that I have spoken for to date! First class, funny, fantastic, forthright, fervent, friendly, flourishing are just a few words that describe Bob Yates and his COC's. If I were you, I'd get to the next one and join this team (Together Each Accomplishes More) of Champions that will change the seminar industry, through changing individual lives. Get ready, get ready, get ready, you could be next! "

Dr. Stan "Breakthrough" Harris - Hall of Fame Speaker & Trainer Dallas, Texas


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