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The benefits and rewards you will receive from being a part of the Circle of Champions Network are priceless.

The first is on-going personal development and growth training that will keep you informed, empowered and on the cutting-edge in your field or niche.

Secondly, our network provides on-going opportunities to meet  and do business with like-minded success oriented individuals.  These opportunities lead to more sales, strategic alliances, personal and business growth.

Third, and most important is our spiritual base. Our teachings are based  upon biblical principles and God's unchanging laws of success and achievement.

In addition, COC is a training ground that not only teaches but shares the platform with it's our members in the form of speaking opportunities, business spotlights, coaching and leadership opportunities.



Corporate Membership Levels and Benefits


Diamond Membership - Elite Level














Our Diamond Members in enjoy lifetime access to all Circle of Champions seminars, workshops and boot camps. To inquire about our Diamond membership program call 301 218-8200.

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Diamond Membership

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Join our Elite Diamond Lifetime Members:

MacArthur Burton
Denese Evans
Jackson F. Atanga
Judith Clark
Cynthia Humphey
Maurice Donnell
Felecia Donnell
Jubril Wilson
Chineme Wilson
Angela Taylor
Teresa Turner
Kanisha Davis

David Hinson

Claudia Timmons

Terri Reaves

OBA Owolabi - UK

Sylvia Medley

JoAnn Spearmon

Candice Camille

Wanda Robinson

Dona Blackman

Yede Dennis

Alisha Stewert
James Busch
Andrea Busch
Tammy Perkins-Mack
Jesse Marks
Betsy Marks
Katrina Ferguson
Gregory Peck
Carlencia Peck
Renne Gray
Joseph Harris
Jeanette Harris

Janice Mozee

Rochelle Arnold

Kevin Marshall

Lola Owolabi - UK

Doyin Okuboyejo - UK

Steve DaCasta

Willie Mae Elery

Dionne Bush

Frank Williams

Eric Rodgers


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Circle of Champions

Bob Yates

Founder of Circle of Champions Seminars



Sherry Yates
Co-Founder COC Seminars

Jesse Marks

Entrepreneur & Trainer Diamond Member

Annetta Wilson

 Certified Trainer - Media Expert

Orlando Florida


Steve DaCosta

Entrepreneur & Trainer Diamond Member


Teresa Turner - Radio Personality 

Diamond Member


Kevin Marshall

Business Consultant Diamond Member

Mack Burton

Burton's Training Accents

Author, Speaker

Diamond Member

Katrina Ferguson

 Author - Peak Performance Coach

Diamond Member


Alisha Stewart

 Business Consultant   Diamond Member


Circle of Champions welcomes new members!

 Brenda Hill, Tasha Davis, Victoria Hewitt, Angela Stewart, Alfred Powell Jr., Roxann Brewer, Gail Harris-Berry, Connie Banford, Anthony Hider, Carrie Crawford, Prencella Hall, Antoinette Peele, Tina Stith-Twine, Rhamsye Brown, Kiyaa Washington-Hider, Francine Shaw Whitson, Kemberly Boddie, Jacqueline Jones, John Roberts, Sonya Fletcher and Leslie Devonish, and Nakita Mattocks


What others are saying about Circle of Champions

"I have spoken several times for Bob Yates and his prestigious Circle of Champions Seminars which seem to get better every time I attend! When my good friend Willie Jolley and I spoke at one of their seminars together, we were amazed at the quality of people Bob attracts. I have spoken in all 50 States and 19 Countries; COC is by far the best group that I have spoken for to date! First class, funny, fantastic, forthright, fervent, friendly, flourishing are just a few words that describe Bob Yates and his COC's. If I were you, I'd get to the next one and join this team (Together Each Accomplishes More) of Champions that will change the seminar industry, through changing individual lives. Get ready, get ready, get ready, you could be next! "

Dr. Stan "Breakthrough" Harris - Hall of Fame Speaker & Trainer Dallas, Texas


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