Learn how to build your own thriving speaking business that transforms lives and earns you at least $100,000.00 per year.  

Public speaking is the single most important skill you can possess. It’s the skill that will bring you mega success. One 20-minute speech to the right group of potential clients, prospects or superiors can open doors of opportunity that are closed to 95% of the population. Becoming a persuasive speaker gives you the power and privilege to influence people for their ultimate good.

Odds are you're reading this because you desire to touch lives and earn income through speaking. Your goal may to be to start fresh and build your own speaking business, accelerate your existing business or hone your unique message.

You are not here by chance. The Circle of Champions Speakers Network is the ultimate training ground for budding speakers, trainers and seminar leaders. With decades of experience and expertise in seminar leadership in your corner, your success is virtually guaranteed!

Certified trainer and seminar master, Bob Yates has been speaking and training speakers for more than two decades. He has helped countless individuals to launch their own successful speaking careers.

As a part of our dynamic network, you too will begin touching lives with your unique message and earn a steady income while teaching what you love!


What makes the Champions Speakers Network unique? 

The answer is simple. It's called platform time! The only way to become an outstanding communicator is to learn it on the platform. Many speaker's trainings offer great principles but that's as far as it goes. Few (if any) ever offer you the opportunity to speak on their platforms and that's why most speakers never achieve the success that they deserve. COC has shared its platform with nearly 100 speakers over the past several years. Get ready! You could be next!

Our unique training system accomplishes four goals at once:

1 Platform time.  When you are on the platform, you are getting practice, if you're getting practice, you're getting good! "Practicing "in the mirror" at home will never make you a great speaker or get you paid speaking engagements. Our training system guarantees you the opportunity to practice your craft and perfect your unique message --- on and off of the platform.

2. Exposure.  When you are on the platform, your gift is on display. When your gift is on display, your message is being heard by individuals and organizations that may want to book you in the future. It only takes ONE open door to launch you into phenomenal speaking success!

3. Product production. No speaker will reach his or her full potential without a supporting line of teaching and training products. Our network will help you to package "what you know" for impact and income.

4. Earn steady income. Unfortunately, many speakers never earn the kind of money that they deserve. This is due to a lack of knowledge of how the speaking business works and not understanding the dynamics of effective marketing.

As a member of The Champions Speakers Network, you will learn the exact step-by-step system that Circle of Champions used to build a thriving speaking business in record time!

Yes, you will:

Become a master speaker or trainer

Transform lives with your message
Create a life-impacting product line
Earn steady income through speaking

Build your own mega speaking empire

“The power of the platform is unparalleled.
Nothing can propel you to the top faster than public speaking if you know what you're doing when you step out in front of an audience or group.

Let out team our professionals show you how you can literally Speak your way to super success!

Welcome to The Wonderful World of Speaking!

Imagine, you can teach what you love, transform lives and earn $100,000.00+ per year in your own speaking business!

"How to increase your influence and impact"

Benefits of Membership:

Two year membership and mentorship program

Free entry to all speakers trainings and boot camps

One on one coaching and personal mentoring

Product line development and assistance

Seminar leadership and workshop training

Assistance with event planning and promotion

Marketing, branding and sales coaching

Speaking opportunities at Circle of Champions events

(2) 3-Day Six-Figure Speakers Trainings ($5995.00 Value)

Assistance with getting engagements and setting fees

Learn a step by step system for building your 6-figure speaking business



12 specific skills you will learn:

Generate a six-figure income while teaching what you love

Master your topic and deliver "captivating" presentations

Become "authentic" in your speaking style and delivery

Brand yourself as the expert in your specific niche

Develop high impact products that people will line up to buy

Design a turn-key system for easily moving your products

Get people to attend your events the first time and every time

How to negotiate with hotels and event planners

What equipment you will need to build your speaking business

A specific 3 step system for building your client base

How to use seminars to increase your profits in any business

Seven proven ways to profit from your speaking business


This is just a partial list of what you will gain from your speakers network membership. You will be coached by our team of seasoned experts. Because this is a two year program, you will learn everything that you need to know to build your own thriving speaking business - guaranteed!

If you have the message, we've got the platform!


Join the Champions Speakers Network or Private Circle Club

And Accelerate Your Speaking Success Today!

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Meet Our Team of Trainers

Bob Yates

Certified Trainer & Event Host

Founder - COC Seminars


Teresa Turner - Radio Personality  Heaven 1580 AM

Diamond Member

Jewel Diamond Taylor

 Author, Trainer

International Speaker

Mack Burton

Burton's Training Accents

Author, Speaker

Diamond Member

Annetta Wilson

 Certified Trainer - Media Expert

Orlando Florida

Katrina Ferguson

 Author - Peak Performance Coach

Diamond Member

Dr. Stan Harris

Hall of Fame Speaker & Trainer

Dallas, Texas

Kimberla Fairley

Professional Speaker & Trainer

Diamond Member


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“Speak Your Way to
Mega Success 2011!”

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Champions Advanced
3-Day Speakers
Boot Camp

December 8-10, 2011

How to Build Your Own Mega Speaking Empire!

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Speaking Tip:

"Your audience is there to hear your message. Relax and deliver that message, instead of focusing on yourself."


Who Should Join
Our Network?

Motivational Speakers
Business Owners
Sales People...

and all who want to increase their influence and income as a speaker or trainer


Speaking Tip:

"The most effective speakers make the fewest words go the furthest.

“Be sincere, be brief and be seated.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt


“Many attempts to communicate are nullified by saying too much.”

Ryan P. Allis


“The best way to sound like you know what you are talking about is to know what you are talking about.”

Unknown Author



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Born to Speak!



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