Learn From America's Secret Millionaire How to Speak and Make Big Money Without Having Previous Experience, Fame or Connections ... or Even Being A Great Speaker!


The Ultimate Weekend Event for Aspiring and Experienced Speakers, Trainers, Authors, Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs and Infopreneurs who want to make big money and a big difference in the lives of others.

James Malinchak - Celebrity Speaker Featured on ABC's Hit Show, Secret Millionaire.


Meet James Malinchak,

Featured on ABC's Hit TV Show,

"Secret Millionaire"


Learn How to Speak & Make Big Money Without Having Previous Experience, Fame or Connections ... or Even Being A Good Speaker!

Public Speaking allows you to get your message out to impact the world & Live Your Mission While helping a lot of people ... and to be financially rewarded for the GREAT work you are doing in the word!

Public Speaking is pound-for-pound, hour-for-hour, the most lucrative & profitable skill in the world and you are going to learn how easy it is for you, too, to get paid BIG MONEY for sharing your beautiful, life-changing message!

If there's one person who knows how to Show You How to Get Your Message Out to the World so that you can .. Live Your Mission ...Fulfill Your Purpose ...Make A Positive Difference in the Lives of Others ... & to Get Highly Compensated for Doing It ... it's James Malinchak!

You may have never heard of James, but he has delivered over 2,000+ presentations for business groups, corporations, colleges, universities and youth organizations worldwide for audiences ranging from 20 to 6,000 and has done so without being famous, any advanced academic degrees and without any speaker designations from any speaker associations.

From a small Pennsylvania steel-mill town, to self-made millionaire motivational speaker! James Malinchak is a true American Success Story who is 1 of ONLY 7 people in the world featured on the Hit Primetime Reality ABC TV Show, "SECRET MILLIONAIRE!" James is the ONLY Public Speaker Trainer in the world featured on "Secret Millionaire" and is one of the Most In-Demand Motivational and business Speakers in America.

James Malinchak is known worldwide as "Big Money Speaker" & "The World's #1 Big Money Speaker Trainer" and he's taught hundreds of thousands of aspiring and beginning speakers just like you "How to Speak & Make Big Money ....Without Having Previous Experience, Fame or Connections ... or Even Being A Good Speaker!"

James' easy-to-learn and easy-to-use public speaking strategies will help you to become a Big Money Speaker getting paid to speak about what you already know & what you love ....all while making a positive difference in the lives of others!

At this seminar, you will learn...

An amazing REAL-LIFE inspiration story of how James, a kid from a small Pennsylvania steel-mill town, went from not knowing anything about public speaking to generating over seven figures. (You will be so inspired to live your mission after hearing this!)

How to Speak & Make Big Money ....Without Having Previous Experience, Fame or Connections ... or Even Being A Good Speaker!

James' keys to a fast-start for becoming a Big Money Speaker in the least amount of time! You can waste a lot of your time and energy .... losing money and wasting years.....doing it the wrong way... or you can simply learn the "right recipe" and be able to use it over & over & over again!

One of the Most Requested Business & Motivational Speakers in the World

James Malinchak has delivered over 2,400 motivational presentations at conferences and meetings worldwide, and was named Consummate Speaker of the Year by Sharing Ideas professional speakers' magazine. He has appeared in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and several hundred other publications. 

James began his sales career right out of college as a stockbroker with a major Wall Street Investment Firm and was awarded Most Outstanding Performance (twice) and #1 in New Account Openings (twice). While in his twenties, James became a partner in a company that handled the investments for many famous entertainers, authors and professional athletes.

Currently, James owns six businesses, has authored eight books, and has read and researched over 1,500 books on personal and professional development. He is a Contributing Author to, and serves as Associate Editor for, the #1 New York Times Best-Selling book series Chicken Soup for the Soul, with his own personal stories published in Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul, Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul and Chicken Soup for the Prisoner's Soul. James is the Co-Author of the upcoming book, Chicken Soup for the Athlete's Soul.

James mixes enthusiasm and humor with motivational stories to deliver a high content message that "Empowers Audiences to Achieve Extraordinary Results!"

Top Business Marketing Coach & Top Businessman

* James is one of the most in-demand, highest paid business marketing coaches in the world, with fees ranging from $15,000 – $100,000+

* Named one of the Top 40 Business People Under the Age of 40 in Las Vegas

* Owns 6 Businesses- Selected as GKIC Marketer of the Year (Winner over 80 other competitors)

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AN EXCLUSIVE EVENT FOR: Aspiring & Experienced Speakers, Trainers, Authors, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Coaches & Infopreneurs....Do you want to add Incredible value to others, transform lives through public speaking, touch thousands with your message or story, grow your business, ultimately change the world.. and also want to earn a lucrative income while adding amazing value to others?


At this exclusive event, you will:

Discover How to Become an AUTHORITY in Your Niche....Gain Instant Credibility.... Celebrity Like Recognition ..... and Gain a Rush of New Clients for Your Business!



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A Personal Message from Bob Yates



Yes, You Can Earn Real Money As a Speaker or Trainer!


Have you ever wanted to become a highly paid speaker but just didn't know where to start? Or maybe you have been speaking a while and are now ready to get paid for the amazing value you add to others. 

As far back as I can remember I wanted to be a speaker, a teacher or someone who spoke in front of a live audience. It's in my blood. I had no idea that public speaking was a business or something I could get paid to do. I just wanted to help people and make a difference in the lives of others. I started from scratch with little knowledge, very little money and little support. For many years, I kept spinning my wheels making next to nothing, not even enough to survive. I struggled!



In the early 90's I made it my business to align myself with some of the most accomplished speakers, trainers and thought leaders on the planet. I invested thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of study to learn how to build my speaking business. I have personally worked with and have remained connected to the best in the business. It wasn't long before my investment began to pay off. I went from struggling to making ends meet to easily earning six figures, and making a huge difference in the lives of others, traveling the world and having a blast; and the best part... I still work from home!

It's obvious that the fastest route to your success is working with someone who's already achieved the results you are working towards. Being mentored or coached by someone who's "been there, done that" can eliminate years off your learning curve in a matter of minutes.



Our mission at Millionaire Speaker Secrets....Revealed is to pour what we have learned over the last two decades into a select group of hungry individuals who are ready to increase their influence, impact and income through the awesome power of public speaking.

Odds are you're reading this because you desire to touch lives and earn a lucrative income through speaking. You are not here by chance. Millionaire Speaker Secrets....Revealed is the ultimate training event for speakers, trainers and seminar leaders who want to transform lives and at the same time become a highly paid speaker. With decades of experience in your corner, your success is virtually guaranteed!







For years I spoke for free. I had always heard "do what you love and the money will follow." I remember the first time I got paid to speak for a church group. Even though it was only $50.00, I could believe I was getting paid to do something I loved doing. The light came on for me the day I made over $20,000 for just  20 minutes of speaking. This is when I learned that speaking is more than a calling or profession; speaking is a LUCRATIVE BUSINESS!



The world's most profitable skill

The speaking platform gives you the rare opportunity to affect and influence thousands of people. It opens doors unlike

any other career. As a professional speaker, or trainer, your voice will be the one that is carried out into the room. Do you think this is a powerful opportunity to brand yourself, promote your cause and change lives? Leading your own live events allows you to reach thousands with your mission and be well compensated for the value you add to others.

You see, we have cracked the code on how to structure and lead live events that give great value and enjoy great profits at the same time! Our organizations (Circle of Champions and WIBNA) have hosted hundreds of live seminars and events. Now we are ready to share some of our best kept seminar secrets with you.


Millionaire Speaker Secrets...Revealed will be the turning point for many speakers, trainers, authors and infopreneurs. With decades of experience and expertise in seminar leadership in your corner, your success is virtually guaranteed!




Bob Yates and World Renown Motivational Speaker, Les Brown



Speaker Tip

As a speaker or trainer, 50% of your income will come from information products

that you create and offer from the platform.


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What's in this power-packed weekend for you?

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About The Host


Learn from the Seminar Champion

Bob Yates is an international speaker, trainer, entrepreneur and phenomenal seminar leader. He has conducted hundreds of live sold out events and given thousands of presentations and keynote speeches. Bob has cracked the code and knows first hand what it takes to succeed in the speaking business! Starting from scratch and a compelling vision to transform lives, he has successfully built his own personal development speaking empire that touches thousands nationally and internationally each year!

Bob has been the featured guest on numerous radio shows and national platforms and routinely works with many of the top performers in the personal development and speaking industry. 

Having a vision beyond his own success, Bob has shared his Circle of Champions platform with more than 200 speakers over the past several years, giving others the opportunity to share their gift and message with the masses. Get ready, you could be next!






America's Secret Millionaire - James Malinchak


James is One of the Most Requested Business and Motivational Speakers in the World!

Discover How to Become an AUTHORITY in Your Niche....Gain Instant Credibility.... Celebrity Like Recognition ..... and Gain a Rush of New Clients for Your Business!












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Circle of Champions - Millionaire Speaker Secrets......Revealed!




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Note: Millionaire Speaker Secrets....Revealed is NOT just a normal seminar or workshop. This seminar contains high-end insider information that will put you at the top of your game as a speaker or trainer. You will have the opportunity to practice and perfect your new skills in a fun, supportive environment. Each student will walk away with supreme confidence, be ready to "own the stage" and with the knowledge to build a lucrative income.








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Millionaire Speaker Secrets...Revealed!- November 10, 2018

Millionaire Speaker Secrets 2018 - VIP Registration



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DMV Speakers and Authors Weekend Event:
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Location & Date: The Hilton Garden Inn:  Saturday, November 10, 2018 


Who should attend? This event is for speakers, trainers, seminar leaders, entrepreneurs, infopreneurs, coaches and all who want to build a lucrative income through speaking while transforming the lives of others.


Event Time:  Saturday, November 10th from  9:00 AM to 5 PM (give or take 30 min) Registration will begin at 8:15 AM on Saturday morning. Seminar starts at 9 AM. Dress code: business casual. 

Seminar Location: The Hilton Garden Inn, 7810 Walker Drive, Greenbelt, Maryland 20774. To purchase your tickets for this event, please use the links above

Airport: Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) 15 miles from The Hilton Garden Inn and Washington-Reagan Airport  (DCA) 30 miles from event venue.

Seating is limited. Register early to secure your seat at this event and pass this information on to everyone who wants to Speak for Impact and Profit.


Note: Discounted tickets and "at seminar" specials are non-refundable after 7 days. Ticket amount will be credited toward future Circle of Champions and Women in Business events.  




What others are saying about our Speaker Training Events


One word sums up Circle of Champions Speaker Training; Amazing! I was inspired, encouraged and motivated! Speak Your Way to Success gave me more confidence and helped me hone my speaking skills I appreciate all the knowledge Bob imparted to us. I was very impressed with the entire weekend and highly recommend it to everyone!

Theresa Royal-Brown,  President, Entrepreneurs & Professional Network

Bob, I know that whatever you did was going to be good. However, this was awesome!! The information you provided to us will help me get to my million dollar goal within 2 years planned. I don’t believe you should change anything!

Francine Shaw - MD, Business Strategist, Financial Consultant


My expectations have been met and exceeded! Thank you so much for your impactful, information and transformational workshop. I know with assured confidence that I am prepared to speak and make a dynamic presentation. Thank you for your God-inspired vision and your obedience to your purpose.

Shari Hill, NC - Seminar Leader and Event Host

All I can say is wow! Everything was done with excellence and I learned so much info. It was packed with solid info and tips. I can say a great deal of my public speaking fear was erased. Most of all, it was fun!

Bea Stanback - MD

This was a phenomenal event. It was insightful and it broadened my mind to endless possibilities that are there for speakers. Bob Yates has a gift that needs to be shared with the world. And he enjoys sharing and blessing others with his message.

Thank you Bob and Circle of Champions!!!

Tina Stith-Twine - Author, Speaker and Radio Personality


This was phenomenal. I learned so much. The information was priceless and life changing. If you have not attended, you are really missing a wealth of information. Jennifer Fraser – Platinum Member


More Reviews About Our Speaker Trainings:


"The greatest seminar I have ever been to in my life!!! The speakers covered every element you need to make your business a complete success and I needed that. I came as a vendor but I got so much of what I needed. Give thanks!!!"

Nyemay - Atlanta, GA


What an incredible way to spend a Saturday! I am getting so many emails from attendees sharing their experiences and wanting to network with me.  Great job to you both!!!!!!!

Pho Palmer - Realtor



This was a phenomenal event! Very inspiring, encouraging and motivating. I’ve been in a funk and this conference has re-energized me. I will now go back home and get off my assets! This has been a wonderful and exciting weekend. Thank you for the opportunity.

M. Clark, Laurel MD




About the Founder of Circle of Champions Seminars

Bob Yates is the founder of Circle of Champions Seminars. COC is a spiritually based company dedicated to the support and success of entrepreneurs, speakers trainers, leaders and visionaries .

Starting from scratch with a God-inspired dream and a burning desire to help people to fulfill their life's mission, this personal development organization is now touching thousands of lives nationally and internationally each year.

At this dynamic event,  you will learn the exact step-by-step plan that Bob and Sherry used to build Circle of Champions and Women in Business Network of America in record time!

Get ready to start and build your own world class organization that will ultimately touch millions!




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Millionaire Speaker Secrets...Revealed!- November 10, 2018


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